Akreos 1.8 mm MICS™ Intraocular Lens
Bausch + Lomb

Akreos 1.8 mm MICS™ Intraocular Lens

The Akreos AO Micro Incision Lens (Akreos MICS) is designed to be injected through a 1.8mm incision, delivering the patient advantages of a smaller incision.

The Akreos MICS is designed to be free of spherical aberration. Optical performance is unaffected by optical or anatomical decentration or by pupil size due to uniform centre-to-edge power.

The Akreos MICS maintains the natural positive spherical aberrations compared to aspheric aberrated IOLs. With its aberration-free design, Akreos MICS helps to improve depth of field in comparison to an aspheric aberrated IOL.

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