HS Allegra 590
Haag-Streit Surgical

HS Allegra 590

HS ALLEGRA 590 was especially designed and optimised for dual use between ophthalmic and ENT surgeons in day clinics, surgical centers, and hospitals. A smart combination of features allows full usability in both disciplines without compromise.

  • 25 mm stereo base for enhanced depth of field
  • Apochromatic optic
  • Red reflex enhancer
  • Motorized zoom and focus
  • Motorized X-Y coupling
  • Permanently balanced
  • High movability
  • Electromagnetic brakes
  • Integrated camera
  • Inclinable eyepiece head 160° with wide angle oculars 10x 21B
  • Optional: EIBOS and TOCULAR tool

Co-observation and documentation

For co-observation, the high-resolution monitor M.DIS can be mounted to the microscope arm. A 1 CCD camera module is always integrated in the microscopes body.

Light management

By means of a sterilisable knob, the following diaphragm and filters can be selected:

Overall illumination of the visual field

  • Mini spot and spot
  • Daylight filter
  • Blue filter
  • Green filter
  • Softlight filter
  • Yellow UV filter
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