Ophthalmic Knives

Ophthalmic Knives

What makes MANI Blades Unique and Superior?

Material is different

Made from Austenite Steel, harder and break resistant, whereas others are made of ordinary stainless steel.

The processing is different

The fine processing technique of MANI is used to make the blade edges with cross lapped finishing. The polishing is done at the blade flow direction parallel to vertical. This yields a superior sharpness.

Superior sharpness

Tests done on Pig Sclera showed that the resistance needed by MANI blades was the least, thus MANI blades proved the sharpest.

Special Packaging

Individually packaged in an exclusively made protective case ensures the sharpness of the tip right until it reaches the surgeon.

Various options are available with a wide range of sizes and shapes.

See Downloads for product catalogue or contact us for further information.

  • Bevel Shape (patented)

  • Crosslapped Edge

  • Color-Coded Handles Allow Easy Identification

  • Non-Glare Treatment (patented)