BP 900® LED Slit Lamp
Haag Streit Diagnostic

BP 900® LED Slit Lamp

Designed for routine practice, the BP 900 offers three magnifications and imaging capabilities. Its optical excellence and wide aperture allow comfortable and fatigue free exams.

The BP 900 has a modern optical system offering 10×, 16× and 25× magnifications changeable by a simple control on the microscope’s side. Features include:

  • Specially designed light spectrum guarantees best details in diagnosis from cornea to retina
  • Brightest, most homogeneous LED powered slit
  • Saves energy
  • Never change a bulb again—it lasts a lifetime
  • Imaging ready with all-in-one slit and fill illumination
  • Improved ergonomics through combined slit and fill illumination control located on the tabletop
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