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Large diagnostic and surgical equipment purchased from Toomac Ophthalmic is installed on site by our experienced team leaders. This includes medical furniture, microscopes, lasers, slit lamps and biometers.


Haag-Streit Lenstar biometers are covered by a two-year warranty. At expiry, an optional service plan is offered which includes annual on-site servicing, software upgrades and a thorough inspection. This ensures the continuous optimal performance of the biometer. Microscopes, slit lamps and furniture can be serviced and maintained on-site as required. Ellex lasers are covered by a two-year warranty and a servicing plan is offered thereafter.


In the event of a repair being required, Toomac Ophthalmic will ensure it is carried out in the most practicable manner with the least disruption to the customer.

Remote Assistance

24/7 remote assistance is offered for any equipment which utilises Haag-Streit EyeSuite software or that runs on Windows software, including imaging, scanning and biometric equipment.