Imaging Module 900
Haag Streit Diagnostic

Imaging Module 900

Equipped with an ultra-sensitive camera, the IM 900 produces images of exceptional quality even under difficult light conditions. Thanks to this sensitivity patient comfort is improved significantly as it is easily possible to record findings without excessively dazzling the patient. Like any professional camera, the IM 900 is equipped with depth of field control, which allows to adjust the camera ideally, regardless of the location of the pathology.

  • Compatibility BQ 900

  • Beam path Right side

  • Control panel RM02

  • Depth of focus control

  • Camera interface USB 3.0

  • Shutter system Global shutter

  • Pixel size 5.86 μm

  • Dynamic range (sensor) 73 dB

  • Quantum efficiency at 525 nm 76 %

  • Sensor size 1/1.2“

  • Resolution 1920 x 1200

  • Frame rate 30 (frames per second)

  • Software EyeSuite Imaging

  • EMR interfaces EyeSuite script language, DICOM (SCU) GDT